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Naples Webmasters is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Gulf Coast Training Solutions. The new website, FAAtoJAAconversion.com offers airline pilots the opportunity to convert their FAA license into to a JAA license.

Gulf Coast Training Solutions was set up specifically to cater to the North American Market. The founder, Steve Gibbins has been working with the JAR system since 2002 and has formed a great relationship with the authorities in the United Kingdom.

Whilst the airline industry worldwide is currently experiencing economic challenged, it is without question that the European carriers have had and will continue to have some of the most enviable working conditions in the industry. All forecasts point at a real and growing shortage of pilots in most regions of the world. Thus what ever the current situation, for the following decade the future looks bright for airline pilot recruitment.

Leading that recovery will be the European and Asian Sector where funding for new pilots has been dramatically cut and yet prices for courses have continued to rise. This has led to a reduction in the number of new students, and a notable reduction in qualified applicants for the new emerging market.

Visit Gulf Coast Training Solutions here: http://www.faatojaaconversion.com

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