Email Hosting

Benefits of Cloud Hosted Email Services:

Naples Webmasters grants customers administrative control over their email accounts. Email hosting includes a global data center facility, all email servers, DNS servers, Internet circuits, etc. With our servers being housed in a global data center facilities, we always have access to them and can provide support 24/7/365.


From the basic plans (IMAP, POP3, SMTP) to more advanced options like spam and virus filtering, Web Based Groupware hosting (SquirrelMail, Horde, PHPGroupWare), Secure SMTP, etc., Naples Webmasters can provide you with numerous choices for plans that will suit the needs of your organization.

Fast Service

Changes can be made to your account quickly because we own, control, and maintain all our servers. Our hosting service is not outsourced. You talk with one company, Naples Webmasters we take care of all your hosting needs.

Extreme Flexibility

You are able to bring in your own racks or hardware for your server(s), but we also supply everything necessary for housing your server(s): racks, redundant electricity, redundant air conditioning, and redundant Internet connections. If you need to purchase servers, we can also offer assistance.
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Exchange Hosting with Mobile Business Email
Many new mobile phones give you information at your fingertips with real-time syncing capabilities, allowing you to increase your productivity and communication with colleagues and clients. However, to take advantage of the anytime, anywhere access to email, calendars, contacts, distribution lists, and public folders, you need to be connected to an Exchange Server.
Naples Webmasters provides Exchange Hosting services that allow you and your organization to unlock the many features of new mobile phone technologies. Exchange Hosting eliminates the expensive initial costs and yearly maintenance associated with an internal Exchange Server. Plus, you enjoy the following added benefits:
  • Microsoft Outlook® 2007 – Full license
  • SPAM and Virus Protection
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Daily Email Backups
  • Reduced-cost Upgrades of Exchange Servers

Learn about Exchange Hosting.

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