Web Technology

  • WordPress 3.9 released

    WordPress 3.9 has been released. The newest version of the WordPress blogging software introduces a number of great improvements and features. The theme of the new update is “closing the gap”. The WordPress 3.9 includes new developer features that will help WordPress plugin developers and WordPress theme creators better integrate into the WordPress software. The updated visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling. With quicker access to crop and […]

  • Looking for Real Estate Webmasters?

    Are you looking for Real Estate Webmasters? Realty Web Solutions provides search engine optimization, site design, MLS/IDX solutions, web site training, workplace e-mail setup & management, email marketing and advertising and site web hosting. Realty Web Syndicate has a specialty in generating stylish real estate sites that break out from the competition and also create results. Using the latest in web technologies, we are able to produce a lead producing website in short time. Every website is developed to provide the best possible experience for every type of home buyer […]

  • Web Design for mobile devices with Android and iOS

    The challenge for mobile web designers is creating apps with compatible user interfaces for a variety of mobile platforms. In the past a typical user would arrive at the site using a desktop browser. Today visitors use various mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and other WiFi enabled devices. Is a mobile website necessary? Almost every Internet connected mobile device will have a browser that can display full desktop websites. Although this is true, these mobile users will have to drag, pinch, swipe and zoom their way around the website. […]

  • Internet Business Consulting Naples, Florida

    Naples Webmasters provides Internet business consulting in Naples, Florida. We have worked with hundreds of businesses with web development, Internet marketing and eCommerce. If you are considering to engage in online business, it pays to consult with an expert. We will guide you through the crucial early stages of your Internet business. For Entrepreneurs: We can offer entrepreneurs constructive evaluation of their business plan and start-up ideas. Gain insight from our years of experience in the industry developing and launching start-ups. For the CEO or CIO: Our consulting includes outsourcing opportunities […]

  • Google Voice & Chrome OS

    If you haven’t noticed Google has announced two new free services that will dramatically change the way people do business. The first announcement came yesterday. Google will be launching a new operating system called Chrome, not to be confused with the web browser. If its any thing like the mobile OS, Android, it should be very impressive. Chrome, like Android, will be based off the Linux operating system and will be free. The next big announcement was for a new service called Google Voice. Google Voice is a service that […]

  • Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership

    I recently attended a holiday social at Hemingway’s Island Grill Coconut Point hosted by Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership. Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership (SWFRTP) is a newly formed industry-led business organization with a goal to grow and enhance technology in Southwest Florida. The event was devoted to allowing technology professionals to meet, exchange ideas and forge new relationships. SWFRTP attempts to facilitate networking, and promoting local technology businesses. The SWFRTP is a Professional Information Technology Partnership whose goal it is to; Develop and sustain a vibrant community of technologically […]

  • Do-it-yourself Website Hosting

    Recently a long time client contacted me to request changing his website to a new server. He had contacted BestBuy and requested that they build him a server to be used to host his website from inside his local office. This is a common request, so I thought I would address it. On the surface hosting your website yourself would seem logical, as it would appear to give you more control and should cost less as you are not paying for monthly hosting. The problem is that hosting a website, […]