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  • Looking for Real Estate Webmasters?

    Are you looking for Real Estate Webmasters? Realty Web Solutions provides search engine optimization, site design, MLS/IDX solutions, web site training, workplace e-mail setup & management, email marketing and advertising and site web hosting. Realty Web Syndicate has a specialty in generating stylish real estate sites that break out from the competition and also create results. Using the latest in web technologies, we are able to produce a lead producing website in short time. Every website is developed to provide the best possible experience for every type of home buyer […]

  • Web Design for mobile devices with Android and iOS

    The challenge for mobile web designers is creating apps with compatible user interfaces for a variety of mobile platforms. In the past a typical user would arrive at the site using a desktop browser. Today visitors use various mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and other WiFi enabled devices. Is a mobile website necessary? Almost every Internet connected mobile device will have a browser that can display full desktop websites. Although this is true, these mobile users will have to drag, pinch, swipe and zoom their way around the website. […]

  • Google Voice & Chrome OS

    If you haven’t noticed Google has announced two new free services that will dramatically change the way people do business. The first announcement came yesterday. Google will be launching a new operating system called Chrome, not to be confused with the web browser. If its any thing like the mobile OS, Android, it should be very impressive. Chrome, like Android, will be based off the Linux operating system and will be free. The next big announcement was for a new service called Google Voice. Google Voice is a service that […]

  • PHP and Web Applications

    When we first started, many of the Web based services we offered were still in their infancy. Today there are many choices for hosting platforms. In order to provide the most stable, secure, and cost competitive hosting, Naples Webmasters utilizes PHP and other server technologies. Why have we chosen PHP language for future programming? Simply put, no other development language out there today is as simple, fast and powerful. In addition, the tools produced by the PHP community have really begun to shine and comfortably bring PHP into the mainstream […]