Social Media

  • Facebook for Business: Social Media VS Social Networking

    There seems to be a fairly obvious need for small to medium size businesses to have a presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Despite this need to have a presence,  most businesses don’t leverage social media and social networking for communicating their brand, increasing revenue or building a following. Social networking The main purpose of social networking is to connect with other people. The key to social networking is basically the interaction of people. You fill in your profiles on social media channels and people interact […]

  • Google+, the search giant’s answer to Facebook

    Google is looking to jump into the social networking game and compete directly with Facebook. This would be Google’s 3rd try. The previous attempts included the Google Wave, a communication and online collaboration platform rolled into one package, and Google Buzz, a twitter like service that allowed sharing of videos, photos, and updates. Google+ focuses on clean interface, and unique social interactions and connections. The simple and elegant interface was created by a former Apple designer. Google+ builds off the Google service called Profiles. Google Proilces is similar to a […]

  • Real Life Social Network v2

    Ex-Google UX (User Expereince) director Paul Adams has created a slideshow called:  “The Real Life Social Network,” which highlights the perils of having one default group for sharing and emphasized that the ideal social networking service would be designed for multiple groups. The slideshow illustrated the flaws in Facebook’s lump sum friend model and called for a social network where users could set sharing levels to correspond to the separate relationship groups that people tend to have. The Real Life Social Network v2 View more documents from Paul Adams

  • Facebook Apps

    I really hate to admit it, but Facebook has become an Internet powerhouse, second only to Google. The Alexa rankings prove this declaration. Now it is very common to see businesses and non-profits harnessing the power of Facebook to grow and develop huge social networks. Facebook makes the process fairly easy by providing numerous tools to integrate facebook into other marketing platforms, like websites and blogs. I have just finsihed the development of a Facebook App (short for Application) that will allow WordPress users to dispaly their latest blog post […]