• Looking for Real Estate Webmasters?

    Are you looking for Real Estate Webmasters? Realty Web Solutions provides search engine optimization, site design, MLS/IDX solutions, web site training, workplace e-mail setup & management, email marketing and advertising and site web hosting. Realty Web Syndicate has a specialty in generating stylish real estate sites that break out from the competition and also create results. Using the latest in web technologies, we are able to produce a lead producing website in short time. Every website is developed to provide the best possible experience for every type of home buyer […]

  • Un-Linking Google Adwords from Google Analytics

    The beauty of Internet marketing is the ability to track your websites performance down to a click. Google has built a superb web application to measure and analyze your websites traffic, aptly called Analytics. I high recommend the application and have made it a matter of standard operating procedure for any new website. Any true online marketing campaign absolutely needs a method of measuring the results of the marketing investment. Return On Investment or ROI is how we gauge the success or failure of any marketing campaign. I recently decided […]