• Future of Flash

    Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements and games. More recently, it has been positioned as a tool for “Rich Internet Applications” (“RIAs”). Most owner’s of Apple’s iPad and iPhone have noticed their devices do not support Adobe’s Flash. Apple’s iPad and iPhone lines are expected to remain Flash-free for the foreseeable future. Despite Apple’s decision to not include Flash, the Android OS has been open to including Flash in their mobile devices. Figures from […]

  • ie9 is coming…

    “play in a more beautiful web” Well if you don’t know, Microsoft is preparing to launch their new browser Internet Explorer 9. The newest browser from the Redmond software company, Microsoft. The latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser is seeking to embrace web standards and usher in the new era of HTML 5. HTML 5 will introduce new possibilities with websites. The most impressive feature will be the integration of media like audio and video. Improved sound and graphics will allow for richer web experiences. With Apple failing […]

  • Google Instant Preview Search

    Google instant, which recently added the utility of adding search results in real time, is adding another feature to help users find what they need quickly and effectively. Called “instant preview” the new addition will provide pop-up images of the web sites without the need to click on them.

    A magnifying icon will appear next to the results, and by hovering over it users will be able to preview a site before going to it. It’s a new way for users to find information on the search results page faster.

    google instant previews search

  • Google “Street View” Privacy Problems

    (Reuters) – Google Inc admitted for the first time its “Street View” cars around the world accidentally collected more personal data than previously disclosed — including complete emails and passwords — potentially breathing new life into probes in various countries. Opps how did that happen. Google accidentally just grabbed your email, password and who knows what else from your unsecured WIFI network. Google’s Street View cars, which are well known for crisscrossing the globe and taking panoramic pictures of the city’s streets, accidentally collected data from unsecured wireless networks used […]

  • Hiring an SEO Company?

    I cannot help but notice the large volume of SEO offers I receive from over seas SEO companies. They promise things like 1st position in Google. Only when I start asking questions it turns out they just want to setup Pay-Per-Click services up for me and auto debit my credit card.

    As these scams grow in prevalence I thought it may be useful to advise the public on hiring an SEO company.

  • Facebook Website Goes Down

    Thousands of Facebook users this afternoon are reporting that the popular social networking site is down. It’s unclear when the outage began.  The snafu reportedly is the result of mysterious “site issues” that are causing Facebook to be “slow or unavailable for some users.”  The company says it’s working to resolve the problem, which it says is unrelated to yesterday’s outage. Facebook experienced some service glitches earlier this week as well. Facebook fans are using Twitter to voice their frustration.

  • Facebook Apps

    I really hate to admit it, but Facebook has become an Internet powerhouse, second only to Google. The Alexa rankings prove this declaration. Now it is very common to see businesses and non-profits harnessing the power of Facebook to grow and develop huge social networks. Facebook makes the process fairly easy by providing numerous tools to integrate facebook into other marketing platforms, like websites and blogs. I have just finsihed the development of a Facebook App (short for Application) that will allow WordPress users to dispaly their latest blog post […]

  • Archiving Compliance

    Businesses are under more pressure than ever to maintain solid email archiving and retention procedures. Naples Webmasters Archiving is your partner in the quest for regulatory compliance. We’ve combined archiving technology with our mastery of cloud computing to give you the highest level of security and performance at low, fixed monthly rates. Freedom Information Act “Sunshine Laws” The federal government and nearly all state governments have established “Open Records” laws. The purpose of these laws is to provide a level of transparency to the activities of government agencies and officials […]

  • Online Backup and Storage

    Protect your company’s files against loss, theft, viruses, and natural disasters. Share business data securely and privately in the office or across the globe. Sync your critical work across all your computers. Access your data from any web browser, anytime, anywhere, securely with just a click. Learn about Online Backup Viewed from a strategic perspective, your data represent the core of your business. You have invested a lot of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT in developing your business data. Contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting records, marketing material, business contacts, emails, and […]

  • Online Storage and Backup

    Naples Webmasters now offers highly affordable and reliable online backup, storage and file sharing for your home or office computers, and servers.

    Our custom configured cloud storage will free you from the limitations of traditional local storage devices.