New Hosted Exchange 2013

Stop spending your valuable time managing your company’s email. With Naples Webmasters Hosted Exchange 2013, which is now general availability, you can let the specialists do it for you. You’ll get the same reliable and secure business email that you expect, with the added bonus of the largest mailboxes in the industry and our award-winning Fanatical Support.

There’s no denying that mail is an integral part of your business – it should do what you want it to do. Naples Webmasters Hosted Exchange 2013 adds a host of features that make dealing with email less of a hassle, while maintaining the capabilities that make it a breeze.

What’s New

  1. Bigger is better: Hosted Exchange 2013 from Naples Webmasters boasts 100GB mailboxes, 100GB Public Folders and the ability to send attachments up to 50MB.
  2. Customize it: With Hosted Exchange 2013 we put the power back in your hands, giving IT administrators the ability to customize the mailbox size for each user anywhere from 1GB to 100GB. The days of multiple requests for increasing storage (and costs!) for executives or members of the sales team who missed a deal because their inbox was full are behind you, the mailbox can grow with your users.
  3. Set size limits: You also have the ability to limit the mailbox size for users, and all within the same domain.

What Hasn’t Changed

While Hosted Exchange 2013 boasts a bunch of new features, we’ve kept the good stuff. You can still save valuable time and expertise focusing on business-specific applications rather than stability, upgrades and spam and virus protection. Naples Webmasters Hosted Exchange 2013 includes a financially backed SLA with an unmatched uptime commitment and three layers of spam and virus filters. We do the heavy lifting for you. That includes everything from managing servers and creating easy management tools to providing a seamless migration experience.

We’re Specialists

We’re experts in Hosted Exchange, so you don’t have to be. At Naples Webmasters we have more than 10 years of experience hosting Exchange; we have in-house Exchange experts; and we’re a four-time winner of the prestigious Microsoft Partner of the Year award. We have the history, expertise and commitment you can trust to host your business email.

To celebrate the launch of Hosted Exchange 2013, Naples Webmasters is offering free Hosted Exchange assisted migrations now through March 31st. Contact us to get started with Hosted Exchange 2013 or start your 14-day free trial today. Already have Naples Webmasters Hosted Exchange and looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology? Please submit a ticket and someone from our support team will be happy to reach out to you to get the process started.

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