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mobile web designThe challenge for mobile web designers is creating apps with compatible user interfaces for a variety of mobile platforms. In the past a typical user would arrive at the site using a desktop browser. Today visitors use various mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and other WiFi enabled devices.

Is a mobile website necessary?
Almost every Internet connected mobile device will have a browser that can display full desktop websites. Although this is true, these mobile users will have to drag, pinch, swipe and zoom their way around the website. In addition some devices like iPhone and iPads do not work with web technologies like Adobe Flash.

Designed for touch, gestures, and small screens.
When we consider building custom web apps for mobile devices we consider touch and gesture user interface design. We also enable responsive HTML5 markup and mobile friendly scripting for smooth touch interaction. Responsive designs can dynamically serve device specific image resolution. For example the webpage will display images matching the iPad, iPhone and iphone4 screen resolutions. No more pinch to zoom and struggling with reading tiny text using iOS or Android.

Mobile Web Apps
Mobile Web Apps are a solution to the challenge of developing for multiple platforms. The problem with developing in native environments is that each platform requires their own SDK or Software Development Environment. As a Mobile Web App developer, we are concerned with ease of deployment and rapid development to multiple mobile devices. The Mobile Web App is a hybrid of server side, database programming, AJAX, HTML5 and client side scripting like JavaScript. In addition, we can use HTML5 features like offline or geo-location access, to provide a better user experience.

Responsive Web Design
A new approach to web design is called Responsive Web Design. Naples Webmasters can build a website to provide an optimal viewing experience, easier reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices. We can create webpages that appear consistent across various digital mediums, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

The next Internet frontier
Mobile Internet usage is doubling year on year with companies like Nokia and Apple leading the design and production of mobile devices. Although worldwide Internet usage through mobiles is still less than 10%, the rate of growth has been incredible. It has been even predicted that in 3 years mobile “may” take over desktop internet usage.

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