ie9 is coming…

“play in a more beautiful web”

Well if you don’t know, Microsoft is preparing to launch their new browser Internet Explorer 9. The newest browser from the Redmond software company, Microsoft. The latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser is seeking to embrace web standards and usher in the new era of HTML 5.

HTML 5 will introduce new possibilities with websites. The most impressive feature will be the integration of media like audio and video. Improved sound and graphics will allow for richer web experiences. With Apple failing to fully integrate Adobe Flash into their mobile devices, web designers are utilizing tools like jQuery and new features provided by HTML 5.

Microsoft seems to have made an abrupt about face and nearly dump the Silverlight project. They are now boasting the wonders of HTML 5.

With advanced browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome already introducing HTML5 standards, Microsoft is trying to play catchup to the more widely accepted technology.

Having lost significant market share in the mobile markets IE9 is an attempt to stay relevant in a growing web based open source world.

The Internet Explorer Platform Preview requires Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or Windows Vista SP2 (x86 or x64).

The Microsoft website “the new beauty of the web” is intending to showcase the features and allow for beta download.

Through active participation in standards development in CSS3 and SVG working groups, co-chairing the HTML5 Working Group, and leading the HTML5 Testing Task force, we are actively helping set the standards for the modern web. Through our investments in standards and interoperability, we hope to help bring predictability to web programming. Because when you can spend less time rewriting your sites to work across browsers, you can spend more time creating amazing experiences.

Internet Explorer 9 introduces support for modern web standards, including:

* CSS3
* ICC Color Profiles
* DOM L2 and L3
* ECMAScript

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