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I really hate to admit it, but Facebook has become an Internet powerhouse, second only to Google. The Alexa rankings prove this declaration.

Now it is very common to see businesses and non-profits harnessing the power of Facebook to grow and develop huge social networks. Facebook makes the process fairly easy by providing numerous tools to integrate facebook into other marketing platforms, like websites and blogs.

I have just finsihed the development of a Facebook App (short for Application) that will allow WordPress users to dispaly their latest blog post on the Facebook page. The Facebook App utilizes the WordPress XML feed to automatically update the blog posts displayed on Facebook.

Building an application on Facebook gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate into the core Facebook experience. By leveraging Facebook’s integration points you can make your application feel native to the site, and create a seamless experience as users browse Facebook. Your application can integrate with all aspects of the Facebook user experience, from the profile page to bookmarks and the stream.

Applications that run within Facebook use all the same fundamental technologies as websites which integrate Facebook. Other than some differences in user authentication, all of the technologies discussed in the Facebook for Websites guide are available to applications on Facebook.

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