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Protect your company’s files against loss, theft, viruses, and natural disasters. Share business data securely and privately in the office or across the globe. Sync your critical work across all your computers. Access your data from any web browser, anytime, anywhere, securely with just a click.

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Viewed from a strategic perspective, your data represent the core of your business. You have invested a lot of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT in developing your business data. Contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting records, marketing material, business contacts, emails, and even digital photos taken in important events, etc., make up the bulk of your invaluable business assets, which you cannot afford to lose.

Studies have shown that:

  • 1MB of data is worth approximately $10,000
  • Re-building just 20MB of lost data could cost more than $17,000 and take nearly three weeks to complete
  • A leaked record may cost you thousands to rectify
  • Retrieval of data from a crashed hard drive is often extremely costly, and there is no guarantee of getting the data back

Data loss makes your business suffer

  • Your business data go hand in hand with your business operations. The loss of such data, or even their temporary inaccessibility, may threaten your hard-earned competitive position.
  • Companies without proactive backup and recovery policies are likely to be OUT OF BUSINESS within 2 years of a major disaster.
  • Loss of business data may ruin your company’s reputation, and may lead to expensive litigation.
  • Worst of all, it interrupts your business continuity.

Conventional approaches to backup are not good enough
Poor “unstructured” conventional backup methodologies, such as tape, CD Rom, and external hard drive, etc., are not good enough because of:

  • High failure rates during data restoration
  • Difficulty in detecting problems of backup before performing restoration
  • Slow read / write speed
  • High maintenance cost
  • Expensive offsite storage of tape library
  • Reduced flexibility for backup caused by fixed capacity per backup media
  • Increased likelihood of occurrence of negligence-induced problems (e.g. lost or misplaced data)

Naples Webmasters Backup is an invaluable tool for businesses. Computer failures, missing or stolen laptops, and corrupted files are facts of life and without a fail-safe backup, your business is exposed.

Naples Webmasters Backup users enjoy the peace of mind and flexibility that comes from knowing that their company’s data is protected with our AES-256 encrypted automatic backup – for all their computers and employees.
Collaboration is also a necessity for today’s businesses. Our file sharing and remote access features ensure uninterrupted productivity between employees both inside and outside the office. Our multi-way sync function means that files are constantly updated as work is done on them, keeping teams in sync as projects develop.
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