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email support, website support, tech supportGiven the complexities of Internet technology, errors and bugs are bound to occur. No matter how experienced or intelligent the team producing the web application maybe, there always seems to be a bug that creeps inside the code.

Making things even more difficult for web developers is the fact that different computers display websites differently. Currently there are 3 versions of Internet Explorer that we must support, IE6, IE7, and IE8. Each version of Internet Explorer has their own quirks. Besides the display issues caused by different methods of rendering web pages, there are also various differences in how images and javascripting is handled.

Then there are the various non-Microsoft browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome. Each having their own way of interpreting the code and displaying it to user.

On top of the difficulties of designing for a range of browsers, there is also other client side factors that contribute to errors.

We mostly design our websites for 1280 by 1024 pixel screen resolution. My experience has been that most users prefer 1024 by 720 pixels, but some go even lower and choose 800 by 600 pixels.

Another common error results from users disabling their javascript. Although it is true that javascript poses some security risks, as long as you have some form of antivirus, you should not need to disable your javascript.

The most frustration can come from users not properly describing their error. The key to requesting help from web developers is explaining the steps to recreate the error. In addition, users should include their browser, operating system, screen resolutions and any other factors that maybe contributing.

For their part developers should have separate virtual machines setup with different version of Internet Explorer and various screen resolutions. This way the website can be put through a range of tests using various configurations.

Ultimately both developers and users need to be patient and thoughtful. Each error needs to be identified, analyzed and addressed in a manner that is both efficient and complete.

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