Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • Support Request

    Given the complexities of Internet technology, errors and bugs are bound to occur. No matter how experienced or intelligent the team producing the web application maybe, there always seems to be a bug that creeps inside the code. Making things even more difficult for web developers is the fact that different computers display websites differently. Currently there are 3 versions of Internet Explorer that we must support, IE6, IE7, and IE8. Each version of Internet Explorer has their own quirks. Besides the display issues caused by different methods of rendering […]

  • Google Voice & Chrome OS

    If you haven’t noticed Google has announced two new free services that will dramatically change the way people do business. The first announcement came yesterday. Google will be launching a new operating system called Chrome, not to be confused with the web browser. If its any thing like the mobile OS, Android, it should be very impressive. Chrome, like Android, will be based off the Linux operating system and will be free. The next big announcement was for a new service called Google Voice. Google Voice is a service that […]