Multiple Domain Name SEO Strategy

I am not a big fan of multiple domain names for the same website. It usually results in dividing marketing resources, rather than focusing everything on one domain name.

Most people don’t understand that unless the search engines are notified of the new domain name, it will not appear in the search results.

The simplest solution is to setup a 301 redirect to your main website, but Google may not include the new domain name in search results if it is pointing to an existing website. Google tries to avoid duplicate content in its searches.

Another option is to setup a simple one-page websites that will drive traffic to important webpages within the main website. But if this simple website is static it has less chance of retaining traffic.

I prefer to setup wordpress blog websites on alternate domain names. Read about why WordPress is good for SEO.

For example I was approached by a fireplace distribution company about optimizing their ecommerce website. I setup a wordpress website with an alternate domain name that drives traffic to specific products.

Main website:

Here is another example for my website:

WordPress is nice because it can be easily updated.  I have setup an RSS feed from my joomla cms website to my wordpress website to automatically add my blog post. This way I only create a blog post for one site and it updates both sites automatically. Creating a cascading content effect.

Once the alternate website is created it is essential to submit the new domain name to the search engines for indexing. Otherwise they may never know about the domain name and will never send search spiders to it. Now I have read a number of websites that argue against the need to submit the domain name to the search engines. Sure if the website is already indexed or has some links from websites that are already indexed it will eventually be indexed by the search engines, but why wait. The best way to notify the search engines of your new website is to create a sitemap that contains all the web pages within your website. Read more about sitemaps here:

In addition it is important to keep in mind that Google includes the website’s IP address in the algorithm. If your alternate website shares the same IP address as the main website, then the search engines may give less weight to the alternate website’s links.

Unfortunately, the only companies that are really making money off multiple domain names are the registrars like Godaddy and Network Solutions.

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