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The reason I chose wordpress is that it really makes SEO easy. WordPress incorporates a lot of search engine friendly features that are intended to improve the indexing of your webpages for search engines.

One of the most important features is that new blog post immediately appear on the homepage. The homepage is considered to be the highest priority webpage within your website so naturally search engines will focus a lot of attention on it. By regularly adding blog posts you are updating your homepage. When the search engines send spiders to your blog they will instantly recognize that the webpage has changed and therefore schedule more frequent indexing.

In addition to the “built in” seo components of wordpress, I have added a number of custom seo features.

One of the most important is the XML sitemap generation. Without getting into a technical description of how XML works, the feature basically automatically updates the search engines when you add new content. I have seen this result in having new blog entries being indexed by search engines and appearing in search results  within 10mins of being published!

Another feature I add is creating meta tags and urls that focus on the keywords that you would like to appear in the search engines for. By focusing on a few keywords, the website’s meta tags inform the search engine’s spiders that the website has a specific keyword niche. By continually focusing on those keyword within the blog titles and text, we are enforcing the idea that the website is relevant and authoritative to that keyword niche.

Of course paramount to the whole undertaking is to identify your keyword niche. Perhaps I will dedicate a blog post to finding your keyword niche.

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