Why redesign your website?

More often than not my potential customers already have a website. Sure the website looks dated and they can’t really update it without calling up the guy who originally designed it, but why should they redesign their website now?

Here are a few great reasons to redesign your website:

  1. Your website looks dated. Styles change and websites are no exception.
  2. You can’t update your website easily. “Content is king”, and the ability to add new content will greatly enhance your website for both visitors and search engine spiders.
  3. Your website doesn’t properly communicate who you are and what you do. You have less than 7 seconds to tell the visitor who you are and what you do. The “back button” is the most used button when browsing the Internet.
  4. Your website is not search engine friendly. A properly designed website is optimized for the search engines. This means you don’t have to pay-per-click.
  5. Your website is not easy to navigate. Intuitive user friendly websites will conveniently and effortlessly guide the visitor to what the are searching for.
  6. Your visitors don’t convert. A conversion is when your visitor basically does what you want them to do. For example, when your visitor purchases a product. At the end of the day your website should convert a portion of your visitors, otherwise the website is not effective.
  7. Your website does not communicate with your customers. Websites are not just brochures, the are tools to inform and educate your customers. Blogs, FAQs and press releases are a means to transmit information to the public.
  8. Your website does not integrate into your business operation. Websites can become dynamic web applications that can allow you to collaborate and communicate with your partners team or customers.

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