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Often when meeting with clients about a web design project, I will make a comment about how the client needs to focus on SEO after the website is launched. They usually give a blank stare. I explain that they should consider submitting their website to social bookmarking websites like Digg, Reddit, and Mixx. I also stress the importance of adding new content to their website.

Since Naples Webmasters uses various content management web applications, I point out that it is easy to add new web pages or simply blog about what is going on in their company and their industry.

Most people confess they probaly won’t have the time to do such things, but a few promise to update the website at least once a month.

Then there are the customers that already have a website and want me to “optimize it”. These customers usually have websites that were built 3-5 years ago and they have no means to easily update or add content. I point out that their website is out dated and needs a redesign.

Some common misconceptions I find are people who approach me with multiple domain names. People tend to not understand that owning a domain name in itself is not enough. You have to submit the domain to the search engines, then you have to have something there worth reading, like content. By having multiple domain names you are simply wasting money and resources on trying to promote the same company over and over again. I recommend sticking with one main doamin name, and if they have the money to maintain multiple websites they can create some topic specific sites to drive traffic to their main site. But all of this can be very expensive and almost counter productive.

Another common misconseption is that SEO is the same as Pay-per-Click. I almost always discourage pay-per-click. Unless the customer has someway of quantifing and measuring the return on investment form their PPC campaign, I don’t recommend it.

The hard fact is that SEO like many other things in life takes time and hard work. On the brightside the benifit to having a well optimized website is steady traffic and plenty of leads or sales.

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