Un-Linking Google Adwords from Google Analytics

The beauty of Internet marketing is the ability to track your websites performance down to a click. Google has built a superb web application to measure and analyze your websites traffic, aptly called Analytics.

I high recommend the application and have made it a matter of standard operating procedure for any new website. Any true online marketing campaign absolutely needs a method of measuring the results of the marketing investment.

Return On Investment or ROI is how we gauge the success or failure of any marketing campaign.

I recently decided to launch an Adwords campaign for my website Direct Home Rentals. My strategy was to focus on the local market so I focused my campaign on searches performed in Southwest Florida. This technique is called geo-targeting, because I am targeting a specific geographic area.

Google Adwords allows you to easily setup Analytics for your pay per click campaign. In my case, I had already setup the website with Google Analytics, so I simply had to select the Analytics account to link to. Unfortunately, I selected the wrong account (I have 43 to choose from – give me a break).

Once I realized the mistake I made I attempted to correct my error. After almost an hour of using Google’s help section I finally found what I was looking for:

How do I unlink my Analytics and AdWords accounts?

You can link a single Analytics account to a single AdWords account. If you’ve linked your accounts incorrectly, or wish to change the linked accounts, please contact us with the following information:

  • Your Google Analytics account ID (click Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings from your Analytics Settings page to display this value)
  • Your Google AdWords customer ID (shown at the top right of any AdWords account page)

So basically I screwed up, and had to ask the mighty Google to forgive me and correct my mistake.

This seems a little strange because it only took one click to link the accounts, so why not make one click to unlink the accounts?

Anyways, after another hour of searching I finally found the Google contact form (why the Google Answer didn’t link there, I don’t know).

My message:

Why is it so complicated to unlink an Adwords account from an Analytics account? It seems like something like unlinking an account should be as easy as linking account. Google needs to fix that unlinking accounts feature, because it really sucks to have to resort to your lame “Ask a question”. At least create a special form to request unlinking accounts.

Please unlink the following accounts:
* Google Analytics account ID – XXXXXXX
* Google AdWords Customer ID: XXX-XXX-XXXX

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