The Crunch

Nonetheless, I am beginning to feel the crunch. Websites are not high on most people’s minds as a thing they need to buy. This is unfortunate because in fact many businesses should be rethinking their online presence. Most businesses I come into contact with have websites, but the website is typically 3 to 10 years old. Even recent websites I find are not being designed to be “search engine friendly”. As such most local small to medium businesses do not truly appreciate their websites.

Most people I come into contact with have very little knowledge of Internet marketing, and consider Pay-Per-Click to be the only method of generating traffic to their website. Don’t get me wrong, Pay-Per-Click has its place in the larger scheme of things, but organic search engine traffic is where its at.

Organic is free.

Yes, organic traffic is free, but it takes time and hard work. The reward is real people visiting your website for nothing, and possibly buying something or emailing you (a conversion).

Those customers that have learned to harness the power of a well designed content management website benefit  tremendously. Those small to medium business that prefer to remain in the dark will continue to throw money away on pay-per-click and hosting a bad website.

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