Getting Started with Google Apps

The Standard Edition is free and offers the same amount of storage as regular Gmail accounts. The Premier Edition, which offers 25 GB of e-mail storage, is 50 USD, or 40 EUR, per year, per account. The Education Edition, which is free, combines features from the Standard and Premier editions.

Why use Google Apps?

Well the fact that it is basically free is always a plus. More importantly, because it is web based, you can access your data from any pc with an Internet connection. This is extremely powerful. It also allows for organizations to share information easily and efficiently, without the headache of servers and expensive IT staff.

The fact that you can setup custom domains, means that you no longer are stuck with an unprofessional looking email address like Now you can simply point your domain’s MX record to Google and use your domain based email.

You can setup your email with Outlook or Thunderbird, or check your email online. Even better, you can install Gtalk (Google Talk) and get real time email notifications on your desktop.

Does Google Apps replace Microsoft Office?

Google Apps very well could replace Microsoft Office, but most hardcore MS Office users probably would not part with their favorite applications like Word and Excel. Microsoft for their part is attempting to launch a web based application in order to compete with Google Apps.

I recommend that any small to medium size business take a moment to try Google Apps, as it can be a powerful resource for communicating and collaborating with staff and customers. Besides it’s free!

Google Apps for business

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