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Recently a long time client contacted me to request changing his website to a new server. He had contacted BestBuy and requested that they build him a server to be used to host his website from inside his local office.

This is a common request, so I thought I would address it. On the surface hosting your website yourself would seem logical, as it would appear to give you more control and should cost less as you are not paying for monthly hosting.

The problem is that hosting a website, especially a high traffic website, creates many challenges. Three factors should be considered when hosting a website:

  1. Reliability
  2. Redundancy
  3. Security


Reliability generally depends on your ISP or Internet Service Provider, who would provide you with Internet access. The speed and volume of your Internet access greatly depends on your ISP and the infrastructure used to transmit your data. The preferred method of data transfer is over fiber optic, as it is both secure and very fast. Telephone lines would would provide the least secure and slowest form of Internet infrastructure.


Redundancy refers to the hosting providers ability to provide emergency support.
For example:

  • If your ISP failed, do you have an alternate connection to the web?
  • If your server’s hard drive failed, do you have your data backed up?
  • If your power system failed, do you have battery or emergency power backup?
  • If you had a catastrophic failure caused by weather, fire or other natural disaster would your data and equipment be safe?


Security has long been an important factor in website hosting. Security not only refers to your ability to prevent malicious hackers from compromising your system, but also to preventing your system from being a victim of a cyber attacked. The most popular attack utilizes thousands of zombie servers to produce a concentrated surge in traffic called a DOS or denial of services. DOS attacks have been on the rise, and can quickly bring down an unsecured server.


Our Content Management Software is designed for a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). This means it would probably not work on a windows box, but there is the possibility that you could configure the server to be a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

We use APACHE server side software, MySQL database (preferably with MyPHPadmin) and PHP version 5 on a Centos OS.

A few server and network facts:

  • 16 SAS hard drives (not cheap)
  • Dual Quad Core Processors
  • 32GB of top of the line, namebrand RAM

The above is something to boast about. Most local computer retailers don’t have anything to brag about when it comes to servers.

Server performance is key though. Fast sites and reliable uptimes are hard to find. We have consistently provided 99.99% uptime. You can’t guarantee that using a local ISP.

Our network uses half a dozen backbone providers and the most awarded intrusion prevention system – TopLayer IPS. This $50K device protects against DDoS attacks, exploits and hacks to your website.

In addition we provide offsite backup with daily weekly and monthly versions.

The fact is that most businesses cannot provide their website with the data infrastructure, fail safes and security required to maintain a website. In addition, most office staff cannot be relied upon to sufficiently maintain both server equipment and server-side-software.

Anyone looking to host their own website should consider it very carefully. If your business depends on your website and email, you should consider using a professional web host like Naples Webmasters.

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