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  • SEO Tutorial


    It is often assumed that to create an online presence for your business, art or personal project, it’s sufficient to put up a nice-looking, content-rich website. However, if no visitors come to your site all efforts, time and money spent on it will be in vain. Considering that a great part of your traffic may come from search engines, we have outlined the most important tips to help you make your site easily discoverable on the web.

  • Custom CMS Configuration

    Content Management Software (CMS) enables easy updating of websites with code-free simple management.

  • Getting Started with Google Apps

    Let Google Apps power your business!

    Google has launched a new web based application bundle called “Google Apps”. Google Apps is a service offered by Google for using custom domain names with several Google products. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites.

  • I redesigned my site, why does my organic traffic stink?

    Many times after a site is redesign, sites might have a drop in organic traffic. Here are some reasons why your organic traffic might sink.

  • Google Phases out Adsense Referrals

    It appears that Google will no longer support the Adsense referrals program. The referral program allowed Adsense users to generate additional revenue by referring users to products and services through their website.<br /><br /> <ul>     <li>Place referral buttons on your site to direct visitors to Google AdSense, Mozilla Firefox, and more.</li>     <li>When users you’ve referred successfully download or sign up for a product, Google pays you.</li>     <li>Increase visitors’ awareness of useful services and products that can improve their web experience.</li> </ul> According to the <a title=”Adsense Blog” […]

  • Un-Linking Google Adwords from Google Analytics

    The beauty of Internet marketing is the ability to track your websites performance down to a click. Google has built a superb web application to measure and analyze your websites traffic, aptly called Analytics. I high recommend the application and have made it a matter of standard operating procedure for any new website. Any true online marketing campaign absolutely needs a method of measuring the results of the marketing investment. Return On Investment or ROI is how we gauge the success or failure of any marketing campaign. I recently decided […]

  • Pay per Click VS Organic – Google Adwords

    Many customers have approached me about pay per click and Google Adwords. I usually begin by explaining the basic differences between pay per click and organic search engine rankings.

  • The Crunch

    Everyone is quite aware of the nations (and worlds) economic situation. High prices for gas and food. Thankfully, web design does not require that I drive and my office is just blocks from my home.

  • Do-it-yourself Website Hosting

    Recently a long time client contacted me to request changing his website to a new server. He had contacted BestBuy and requested that they build him a server to be used to host his website from inside his local office. This is a common request, so I thought I would address it. On the surface hosting your website yourself would seem logical, as it would appear to give you more control and should cost less as you are not paying for monthly hosting. The problem is that hosting a website, […]

  • PHP and Web Applications

    When we first started, many of the Web based services we offered were still in their infancy. Today there are many choices for hosting platforms. In order to provide the most stable, secure, and cost competitive hosting, Naples Webmasters utilizes PHP and other server technologies. Why have we chosen PHP language for future programming? Simply put, no other development language out there today is as simple, fast and powerful. In addition, the tools produced by the PHP community have really begun to shine and comfortably bring PHP into the mainstream […]